What we learned from our move that can help you:

We recently moved our office allowing us to be more efficient in servicing your IT requirements going forward.

computer monitors at the office

We didn’t realize how much was involved in moving the office and got to thinking others would face the same challenges as we did…

Here is a handy checklist and a few things to consider if you plan to move your office and computers.

  1. Involve us from the start – we can anticipate some of the issues you will face at the new location and solve them before they are a crisis.
  2. When you know your move date, ensure you have called to have your phone lines and internet transferred well in advance – we found out they are booking two weeks out in some cases.
  3. Ensure you know where your servers will be placed as well as the work stations prior to the phone lines/internet being installed – this way you will have the connections where you need them.
  4. Always ensure your computers and server are backed up before disconnecting and moving them (this applies even if you are moving from one location to another within your existing office). You know we can help with that!
  5. Cables – take the time to label each of the cables if you are not absolutely positive where each goes. We recommend naming each workstation and/or server – putting the connection name and the workstation/server name on each cable. You know they will inevitably get separated from each other – this way you will know where they belong.
  6. Wrap monitors well to protect the screen.
  7. During the move, ensure the cpu, server and monitor are not left in a vehicle for prolonged periods where they can heat up or get extremely cold. If either of these happen, be sure to allow the equipment time to return to room temperature prior to plugging them in and starting them up.
  8. If you have physical backups – move these in separate vehicles from the computer system itself.
  9. Test everything!
  10. Have our phone number handy 905-892-4000 just in case something does not work after the move.