skull and cross bones on red backgroundComputer interruptions due to a computer virus, ransomware or even just a malfunction of hardware or software affects your bottom line.

In the past week, Tim Hortons franchisees across the country were forced in some cases to close their doors due to a computer virus that left them unable to use their point-of-sale terminals.

Tim Hortons said customer data and credit card information was not affected by the breach according to an article by Daniel Tencer in the Huffington Post.

The article goes on to say, close to 1000 stores were affected. Store closures resulted in revenue loss, food spoilage and these employers were paying workers not to work.

Down-time on a computer for whatever reason costs your business a lot more than you think. Preventative measures in your business should be top-of-mind when it comes to the security of your computer networks.

This image shows the percentage of attacks based on industry throughout Canada.

Where does your business fit in?

graphic of city showing ransomware attack % by industry

Total Ransom Paid by Canadian SMBs to Ransomware Hackers: $5.7 Million*

Those in the IT services industry blame phishing emails followed by lack of cybersecurity training across businesses. It’s safe to say the two go hand-in-hand.

As an IT service provider we have been called to countless businesses in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Hamilton to attempt to retrieve data and return computers and networks back to working order. Unfortunately, for those not using our protection and monitoring services and for those without cyber security policies or lack of enforcement in the workplace, there are often times where the data is lost forever.

What would that cost your business?

Real estate brokerage and legal firms for example can find it difficult to manage a cyber security policy with so many of their agents and teams working outside the office environment on personal laptops, home computers and their smartphones and tablets.

Here are 12 tips to help prevent a cyber attack at your business.

check list of cyber security points for a business

cyber hacker at computer book coverWhen you're finished going through this check list, download our free report:

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*Datto State of the Channel Ransomware Report Q2-2016 to Q2 2017